Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inner Strength

     The best way to build outer, physical strength, is to begin with inner strength.  By creating inner strength, we can achieve outer strength.
     How?  For me, right now, I love the concept of not hurrying.  Chalene Johnson, our DVD exercise mentor works us through slow, controlled weight lifting.  No quick movements or momentum to help us lift weights.  Calm, concentrated.  Creating our own resistance, pushing ourselves harder, learning to do more than we think we can do.  And it works!

     I think of a clock without the second hand racing around each minute. Just a slow, composed ticking off  by the minute hand.  If you stand there and watch, progress with the minute hand is hardly noticeable.  Look later, though, and hours will have gone by, each minute methodically counted off, progress made.

     As I build a stronger inner self-discipline, I am able to purposefully exercise and control my eating and push myself to new limits. This is a mental process (I'm not talking spiritual here, that's a whole different facet) as much as a physical action, little by little.
     No hurry.

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