Saturday, February 19, 2011

My (Dream) Garden

This print was stacked in a grocery store bin many years back, for ten dollars, and I am so glad I snatched it up.
This is my dream garden.  Just imagine an adirondack chair, a glass of lemonade, a well-worn book and some kids playing a game in the grass.  Oh, and the big dog soaking up the sun nearby.  The house would have cut flowers in almost every room, and though you can't see it, there is a productive vegetable garden behind the hedge at the back of the house, and something fresh available to eat every day.  Ahhh...
Of course, there are weeds and pruning and bugs and weeds and more bugs, but that is all part of a great garden.  Oh, and a few chickens in a cute little coop next to the vegetable garden.  They can help with the bugs once in awhile.
I've wondered what the front of the house looks like, but my mind keeps wandering back to the garden, and idling away moments in the dappled shade, sitting on the rock steps, enjoying the birds and the breeze. This is my spot to run to when I need to hide out for a few minutes, to renew and breathe deeply and remember to enjoy the simple things in life.  Then, I can get back to the real life and the real people (and the real weeds) around me, and enjoy and appreciate them.
Ten dollars seemed like a lot at the time, but the painting has given me many pleasant moments.  There is no artist's signature, but to whomever did the painting, thank you.

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  1. It sure looks good for a $10 painting! That's a nice dream garden you have. You even imagined a scenario with it! I'd like to have a garden like that someday.

    Aaliyah Aldaco