Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oriental Chicken Salad

This is a recipe we developed from similar salads at a variety of restaurants.  It is very flexible according to taste, and quite simple.  I cook up a big batch of chicken in the oven, then cut it up and freeze it in smaller portions - quick and easy to grab out of the freezer and thaw.
Oriental Chicken Salad
cooked chicken, in bite size pieces
romaine lettuce, cut up
spinach (I buy the ready to eat bags of fresh)
mandarin oranges, one can, drained
chow mein noodles (crunchy)
sliced almonds
chopped green onions
grated carrot
sliced red sweet peppers (or orange, as in this photo, but red is prettier)
No quantities, mix and choose according to taste.

We prefer Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing with this. Some of us do, anyway, the others are die-hard Ranch lovers.

I have a new appreciation for food photographers.  Food doesn't wiggle or close its eyes, but it is still a challenge to get a great, yummy looking photo.

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