Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Olympic Moment

     I call it the Olympic Moment.  The moment when you know you have done your best, given it all; when you have worked and pushed and tried as hard as you possibly could, and succeeded.  Not necessarily won, but for you, you have done your absolute best and accomplished what you set out to do.  The sense of achievement, at that moment, is complete.

     Perhaps it is finishing a really tough class or a challenging task.  Or finding a new limit to push yourself to as you exercise.  Or digging deep within yourself to find the strength to make a tough choice.  Or running a marathon. It may be something official like a graduation or a promotion, or it may be something only you recognize.  But even on a private level, it can still be a major, memorable moment.
     When our daughter graduated high school as valedictorian, she received a medal that now sits on her dresser, a reminder of the hours of long, hard work it took to achieve it.

     This quote that I have on my desk reminds me that success is not about fame or popularity, but about determining and recognizing what is success for me.
"The real moment of success is not the moment  apparent to  the crowd."
             -George Bernard Shaw

     Personal Olympic moments are not about the notoriety or glory, but about achieving individual best. They are about the long hard road with many small skirmishes and victories along the way. About stretching your limits. About conquering an inner struggle and endeavoring to excel.
     On a small scale, it might be getting through the day with quiet calmness - for me that takes strength and effort. Or, making good food choices all day long - that also takes consistent, purposeful effort.
      And the result, will be a moment when I know it has all been worth it, when I know that my efforts have been successful, when I will pause, like that moment at the Olympics when everyone pauses to honor the national anthem, and know, absolutely know, the anthem of personal victory.
      What are your Olympic moments?

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