Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Your Four Year Story

Whether your post-election response is throwing a party or singing a dirge, this post, by Donald Miller is well worth some thought.

"What do you want to have accomplished four years from now? Because four years from now is coming. And it's coming fast."
                                                                                  - Donald Miller

What are your four-year promises: to yourself?
                                                     to others?
                                                     to God?
 Lots to think about here.


  1. His post was wonderful! I wrote a post Tuesday night but (thankfully) didn't post it. I read his and began mine over again, however I keep running off into political tangents... think I need more time to calm and reflect :) Your question is helping me find perspective.

  2. That's what I loved about his post. It took me off the disgruntled "what is the hope?" thinking and replaced it with purposeful, hopeful thoughts. Much better that way.