Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Christmas Links

Traveling Lighter.

 I haven't written much lately with this theme. Since we moved five months ago, getting rid of over half our stuff, perhaps I have relaxed and lost a bit of focus.

There are some very good blogs I read about minimalism. These writers live far beyond my meager efforts at living with less and they give me courage to renew my efforts.

This post, by becoming minimalist includes seventeen links to other posts about simplifying Christmas, focusing on the important things, not on things. This is a post to browse over the next few weeks, with lots of  information and ideas to absorb.

I appreciate the variety of perspectives in these blogs. There is not one formula, not one way to live with less.  Each writer, each family, each home, makes their choices based on a process that changes with life's circumstances. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less.

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