Saturday, November 3, 2012

For the Love of Art

Our daughter has a new website to display her art and promote her commission work. She will take a photo you send her - a pet, a family member or friend, anything, anyone, really, and turn it into a drawing. She does white pencil on black, pencil drawings, or a touch of color in a black and white drawing. Her latest technique is to draw on canvas, like a painter would use, but she does her pencil drawings on it to create a more finished product. She loves a challenge, stretching her skills to discover a new technique and fresh abilities.!home/mainPage

Explore, browse through her website to see more of her completed drawings.

Granted. I am the proud mother. What do you think? Draw a black lab on black with a white pencil. Don't you want to scratch this lab behind the ears? I could take her home.

She also has a blog,

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