Friday, November 9, 2012

A Quiet Calm Delight

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This week: Quiet

Someone speaks harsh words to me. I do not lash out in words. I am quiet. Deeply quiet. Too quiet.

I stew on it, I think about it. The perfect words come two and a half hours later. The perfect biting, stinging, caustic reply. And I am grateful the acid words were not spoken aloud.

I go to the Lord. I sit quietly with Him. He hears my silent, unspoken words. His still, small voice reverberates through my heart: the tone of His love, the ringing of His mercy, the notes of His grace, like the last melodious pluck of a harp string, the sound hanging in the air, held aloft, heard even after the soundwaves are gone, quiet. Still.

I think of Colossians 1: 11-12. With calm delight (chara), say grace (eucharisteo). Those are the quiet words I want to say. A thankful heart, a heart of joy, a heart full of calm delights.

I want to say grace, to speak grace, quietly, with calm delight.


  1. Lovely picture for this post :) I never think quickly on my feet, so often my "retort" comes to mind hours later... I so identified with that. And I am always glad later that it didn't come to me quickly! Unfortunately, I've been known to share it later and stir the pot of anger. Not good. Thank you for sharing thoughtful post and scripture.

  2. Beautiful example of letting the Lord work in our hearts to remain quiet. I had this very experience recently with my brother. I haven't responded and I believe this is good. I am one to usually think of the horrible thing to say later (I am talented with this at times so it is good that I rarely ever exercise this terrible skill). The hardest part of life for me is discerning when to keep the old mouth shut and when to be polite and powerful. As you pointed out...when harsh words are said it is almost always better to be silent.
    Thank you for sharing your realness.