Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Spend or Not to Spend

Are you a big fan of sales?
Do you love a great deal?
Does a bargain excite you?
Does two-for-one draw out your wallet?

Do you want to know the best deal of all?
How to save the most?

Don't spend.

What we choose not to spend has great value.

You can't list the non-amount in a checkbook or on a ledger, but what we do not spend has intrinsic value. 

Have you heard of a no-spend month? My friend is doing this for November, and I know it is tough for her. But it is a choice, valuable not just for her finances, but for her character as well.

Some of us live this way, either by choice or necessity. Either way, it is good, coming into the holiday season, to think about our spending. To evaluate purchases wisely, carefully and honestly.

How? Use what we have. Re-purpose. Re-think. Discover gratefulness for all we do have.

And, if you are spending (not always a bad thing), a group called Pure Charity is sponsoring an event, now through December 25th that connects with stores, and a portion of on-line purchases goes to children in Haiti. A wise way to put some heart in our spending. 
Go here, to check it out: http://www.deidrariggs.com/2012/11/01/this-is-you-changing-the-world-booya/
Or, here: www.purecharity.com
As Deidra says, "This is you. This is me. This is us. Changing the world."

On a humorous note: I was cutting the ads out from today's mail for the photo above when our son walked into the room. He looked over my shoulder.
"What are you doing - writing a ransom note?"


  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Maureen... and good words of wisdom on spending. Your son has a wonderful sense of humor :)

  2. I heard recently that 80 percent of what people buy, a year later they wish they had never purchased. Perhaps their things no longer have value to them. Your statement is interesting about what we "don't buy" having value. We take advantage of clothes sales at certain times of the year but the coupons in the mail seem on-going these days and I am now calling myself a "shopping snob."
    I like to give edible gifts for Christmas.
    Karen A.