Friday, September 16, 2011


In our miniature rose bed, can you spot the impostor?

While I was watering, I noticed one of the plants had different colored, different shaped leaves, and interesting rose hips, though I didn't remember it blooming.
What I thought were rose hips, like the ones on this plant, opened up into pomegranate blossoms.

Our pomegranate tree is in the back yard. No idea how seeds would have ended up out front in the rose bed. Maybe one of our frequent skunk visitors carried the fruit out there to munch on it.
The baby tree is growing up through the dead canes of a former rose, masquerading, looking perfectly natural and taking good opportunity from a vacant spot.
Whether it is taking advantage, or pretending to be something it is not, I'm not sure. Wonder how long it will take the gardeners to realize it shouldn't be there? For now, I'll cheer it on, watch it grow, and be amused by our mini-pomegranate rose.

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