Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Did you set any goals last January?
Do you realize there are fourteen weeks left in 2011?

Last week our daughter posted about the fifteen weeks left in this year. Well, a week has already gone by and it is now fourteen weeks. She was able to break her goals neatly into sets of fifteen and is updating them on her blog. I haven't been able to make my goals fit so neatly into a number pattern. Some of the writing goals I am making progress with, others need a jump start or kick-up-a-notch. These are the key goals I will work harder to achieve by the year's end:

  • Lose another fifteen pounds and get out of this stuck place with my weight loss. I will continue with the exercise, and work harder at planning ahead what I will eat, within the calorie count.
  • Read aloud every day. I made a list of fifteen fun, light-hearted books which I'm sure we'll adjust as we read through them.

  • Smile and Laugh many times a day. Not take things too seriously. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life and the wonderful family that surrounds me. Every day, all day. Not sure how I'll keep track of this one. More about attitude than actually counting smiles. Just smile, like this little guy.
drawing by littlebitzofart - thanks!
What goals do you want to work toward in the next fourteen weeks?


  1. Hi Maureen! I can answer this one - and joyfully, too! In January, I committed myself to "read for pleasure" this year and I am just starting the seventh of eight cozy mystery novels from The Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales by Susan Wittig Albert. I shall have to devote an entire post to the series when I complete my reading. It's been tough. Some I've read through in a couple of days - others have taken me a couple of months. But, I should be able to complete the series reading by December and have thoroughly enjoyed the escapist journey to the English countryside of the early 1900's.

  2. Sounds like fun - I ordered the first one through our library system. Love reading about Beatrix Potter and the Lake District. Thanks!