Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Do You Eat Your Yogurt?

Early, as I drove the boys to the ranch for their volunteer time at the stables, the radio announcers were asking listeners a call-in question, "What bugs you most about your co-workers?" One gal said her co-worker drove her nuts when she scraped the bottom of her yogurt container like she was digging for China. She said she would  just go buy her another one if she wanted more.

At first, I laughed - I am guilty of the same thing. Don't want to waste any of the good yogurt that isn't cheap. As I thought about it, two different attitudes stood out.

Like me, the one gal did not want to waste, wanted to get every penny's worth, wanted to be thorough. To the other gal, money was no problem, buying more was the obvious solution, and it wasn't worth the time it took to scrape the bottom. Just finish it and move on.

(Obviously, I don't know the gals and I'm sure they are both very nice, hard working women.)

The contrast struck me, made me think about my own attitudes toward money and time. What is more important, saving a tiny bit of time, or stretching the money a little bit further? Money and time are critical factors in decision making. We must determine the value of time and money - both precious commodities. Time is irreplaceable, once gone, it is gone. Money can be gained and lost and gained again. We tend to have one or the other - when we have time, we don't have money, or when we have money we don't have time.

One gal did not see the value of time in scraping the yogurt - if you want more, just go buy another one. Money was not the issue.

The other gal wanted every drop so as not to waste money - the extra time to her had value by saving cost. Time was not the issue.

This is all a bit nebulous and I am stretching the scraping of a yogurt container into a time and money management issue.
What do you think? Is time spent more important if you save money, or is it more important to save time and spend the money?
How do you eat your yogurt?

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