Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just for Today

My mom has had this poem on her kitchen wall forever - or as long as I can remember, anyway.

One day, standing there waiting for the toast to pop, I actually read the poem. They were beautiful words. Words that had hung there on the wall, that I had looked at every day for years, but had never taken the time to read.

How many things in life are like that? We see them, but we don't really see them. We hear, we look, we touch as we race by, but without a true connection. Without a deep understanding.

There are many versions of poems with this theme, with this title. That day, years ago now, I copied these words down in one of my notebooks.

This version, on a ceramic plaque in a wrought iron decorative frame, has a message for me, today.

                JUST FOR TODAY

Lord for tomorrow and its needs

             I do not pray;

Keep me, my God, from stain of sin,

             Just for today.

Now set a seal upon my lips,

             For this I pray;

Keep me from wrong or idle words,

             Just for today.

Let me be slow

             To do my will,

Prompt to obey,

             And keep me, guide me,

Use me Lord,

             Just for today.

The Lord will guide you continually.

                  Isaiah 58:11

Just for today, I can:

go for a walk
eat reasonably
read aloud to N
take the time to talk with, and listen to, these guys here at home
drink 64 ounces of water
pray, trust, love, say grace
pay attention to the beauty around me
smile and laugh (at myself, too)

Take the time, today, to connect with something - or someone - you would normally overlook. Just for today.


  1. It is odd how we can overlook something that's been "hanging around" for so long. Glad you saw them with fresh eyes. The poem and your own words are a great reminder that we just have to deal with just this day. And deal with tomorrow when it gets here. Thanks. I needed that :)

  2. Thanks, Brooke. I have an artist friend who routinely moves her pictures around so she will see them with fresh eyes. I do well just to get something, just for today - look around with fresh eyes.