Monday, September 24, 2012



"Am I drifting? Am I focused?
Either answer is fine, just so long as I'm aware."
-Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic

This cute little plate hangs on her wall, a reminder to focus. Or not to focus.

Not to drift, unless the drifting is intentional. And, sometimes, we do drift. Time off. Time to back away and take a long look at where we are headed. Time to think. Retreat. Time to wonder. Time to enjoy.

Or, time to focus and dip in the oars and steer a straight path, the goal in clear view.

Intentional. A choice.

I copied this from one of Rachel's books, years ago - don't remember which one - and had it for a long time on my bulletin board, a reminder to me, to be intentional with my choices.

Some days are good for time with the kids, time to putter, time to relax and think. Other days are good for a full schedule of productivity, the lists checked off in my planner. As long as the choice is made with intent.

The key word, I think, is aware. Awake to the myriad of choices we can make in any given day. Conscious. Mindful of the actions we choose, or do not choose. Aware. And to make those choices with a heart of gratefulness.


  1. Love that quote! It's light, and free. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by the feeling that I need to be either "this" or "that" when I just want to be. So this? This makes me feel free. Thanks!

    1. Glad to be able to free you up a bit. Too many times I become driven and heap guilt or pressure on myself. That's why I enjoy this quote, too, and pulled it out of my file - the reminder that it is OK to drift, sometimes, OK to float, but to stay aware. As you said, "just to be."