Friday, September 28, 2012


Five Minute Friday, is about writing a topic supplied by the gypsy mama. We write, the timer set or an eye on the clock, winging it, streaming the words on to the keyboard. Five minutes of discovery. This week,


Grasp. First impression.
I don't like this word.
Sounds greedy.

My desire is to go through life with an open palm, accepting.
Not a tight fist, fighting.

Yet there are things we want to grasp.
When working with my son on his math, I want him to grasp the lesson.

A good handshake takes a firm grasp. A  connection between two people as they look each other in the eye, welcoming, meeting, connecting, not just the physical touch, but the heart and soul and mind.

Sometimes, when someone is struggling, I want to say, "Get a grip." I say that to myself sometimes, too.

So it is not a bad word. It has meaning on many levels. To understand, to grasp the truth, and hold it firmly. That is a good thing. Connecting with others around us, grasping their hand and making the connection with them, deeply, that is a good thing.

Time is up.

Five Minute Friday


  1. There is good and bad in that word isn't there! Blessings..

  2. Love your ponderings on this me thinking which is always good.

  3. My first thoughts. "No one can snatch us our of His hands."
    Karen A.