Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Clean Pan

It happens. I burn the food in the pan. Probably because I was distracted doing something else. Even with soaking, this will take a lot of scrubbing. I would much rather do something else. Most anything else.

One of my projects, a gradual process, is to get rid of all the cleaning products that use harsh chemicals and switch to natural cleaning products, using baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and borax. I haven't made the complete switch yet, but making progress.

Okay. The burned, black encrusted pan. I sprinkled baking soda, a generous layer. Then, I sprinkled drops of water, just enough to barely dampen the soda. And left it overnight. Time to go do something else: read aloud, write, go for a walk, play a game with the kids, read...

In the morning, the hard layer of black crust peeled right off the pan. I rinsed it out, swished it with dish soap and voila, clean and shiny, with hardly any labor.

Nice. I can go for that type of cleaning! Less work, simpler, with fewer cleaning supplies cluttering the shelves.

Another way to travel lighter.
And have shiny pots and pans.


  1. Making a note of this... I also have a little burn problem from time to time :) Thanks for the helpful tip!

  2. I think your tip will help me a lot, and other women, who do laborious work to remove burn. this is very easy and smart way. i didn't thought an simple baking soda, can be used in this way also. Very nice.