Monday, September 10, 2012

Everything is Extraordinary

The October Country Living magazine has this quote:

"In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary."
                                                                           -Aaron Rose, film director

I love these thoughts.

Everything: a slice of bread
                  a smile
                  drifting leaves, yellow and gold
                  a roaring wind
                  a gourd (I thought) that turned into a cantaloupe
                  a tiny gold finch in the sunflowers
                  the 1,000 gifts list, on-going, heart and soul of gratefulness
                                  (click on the tab above for my list)

Extraordinary: beyond mundane
                       everyday beauty in simple things
                       the ordinary, seen in an extra light, extraordinary.

I heard a speaker say, "If everyone is special, then no one is special."

                                   True, yet this is different. This quote is about the ability,
                                    the skill to shed extra light on the ordinary.

What is our source of light? How we look at something:
                                           with bitter eyes?
                                           with discontent?
                                           with dissatisfied greed?
                                            or, with grace
                                                  with love
                                                   with trust?

What is our time? Now.
                           Not tomorrow's worries
                                  or yesterday's regrets.

May you have an extraordinary week, full of everything in the right time, in the right light.

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  1. May you have an extraordinary week, too, Maureen!! Enjoyed reading your words today. :)