Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's On Your Plate?

You probably think this is about food. Nope. It's about words.
Here is a list of common words:

a  am  and  anywhere  are  be  boat  box  car  could  dark  do  eat  eggs  fox  goat  good  green  ham  house  I  if  in  let  like  may  me  mouse  not  on  or  rain  Sam  say  see  so  thank  that  the  them  they  train  tree  try  will  with  would  you

If you were an author, what would you write with these words?  If this was on your dish, what would you do with it?

Dr. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham with this combination.

Louis L'Amour wrote that one of his  editors gave the exact same plot to six different authors, and they came up with six vastly different stories: romance, humor, horror, and adventure.
"The raw material is not important. It is what the writer does with the material. One writer will make you laugh, another can make you cry, and a third might write a horror story."
                                                                                  -Louis L'Amour
                                                                              A Memoir, Education of a Wandering Man

When we are sympathetic of a load someone is carrying, of the variety of struggles and challenges they face, we say, "He has a lot on his plate."

Life can dish up some pretty hefty stuff sometimes. Challenges we face that terrify us, discourage us, overwhelm us and weigh us down. How we handle those challenges makes all the difference. Each of us brings with us a load of baggage and even some good qualities. The variety of style, thought, and what we do with the ingredients we are given are what will create the story we are writing with our lives. What we choose to do with what is on our plate will tell our story.

So, what's on your plate?

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