Friday, March 9, 2012

Empty with Possibilities

Five minute Friday, a word given by We write for five minutes, simply, no editing, quickly, without over-thinking. Link up to the others, then compare and enjoy the other interpretations. Join us.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
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A negative word, or is it? Empty isn't necessarily a bad thing. Empty leaves lots of room for possibilities. For potential. For room to grow. An empty nest is space waiting to be filled. An empty time slot is time to enjoy, to relax, to rest. An empty shelf, the stuff cleared off and removed, is space to breathe and see, and maybe fill with something new.

Empty makes me think of the chance to explore new ideas rather than all my preconceived notions that I am so sure of. The chance to re-think, to look at something with new eyes and see the potential.

Empty is the pot, ready to be planted, willing to allow for growth and fruit and productivity. The seeds need space to sprout and stretch out their tiny shoots that will plow through the dirt and reach for the sun, opening up to two tiny new leaves, an elongated stem, more leaves, then blossoms and fruit.

No longer empty, but beautiful and productive.

Time's up.


  1. I love your take on empty! That inviting, empty pot is calling me out to the garden. Time to get things growing :)

  2. Exactly what I had in mind, all the empty pots, waiting...

  3. So exciting to see so many people writing about getting pots ready, and starting seeds, and planning out gardens. It makes me practically giddy!