Friday, March 30, 2012

Gift Moment

Friday Five, together with others inspired by Write for five minutes, free to think quickly and simply. Just write. The word this week:


Begin. The obvious gift, a present, beautifully wrapped and bowed and tagged and given, handed to you, or you handing it to another.

A gift, though, goes to the heart, from the heart. Why we give. To whom we give. Not really what we give, but the why - that is so much more important. From a heart of caring, loving, enjoying, appreciating, wanting to share something we have with someone else.

A gift, wrapped up. The thrill, maybe of surprise. Not an expected gift, but an unexpected that catches us off guard. Makes us catch our breath with the happy thrill.

And, the gifts that aren't always happy. Sitting in a hospital room with a son, realizing the gift moment, even in that. He is alive. He is being cared for by people who care and know how to care. His unique needs, also a gift, a gift that says, "Hey. Pay attention. Be alert. Be aware. Be awake."

 A gift moment, laughter even in the middle of pain. A smile, in the middle of a tough situation.

Gift Moment.

Time is up. Done.


  1. Thank you Maureen for your lovely comment on my blog. Your writing about Gift is powerful. Makes me appreciate even the difficult gifts.

  2. I love the way you brought the two together, the gift even in the pain. Well said, and wrapped up beautifully (pun not initially intended)!

  3. the gifts that aren't always happy... this struck me. so often, we associate gifts with happiness, but you're right. sometimes the most powerful unwrapping happens in the saddest of times. thank you.

  4. Pretty package! So true it's not really what we give but why, from heart to heart. Great post.
    Jessie at