Friday, March 2, 2012


Five minute Fridays. A topic is given by, and we write for five minutes only, no editing, no over thinking, just writing as the thoughts flow. Then, we link up and compare. I wrote on yesterday's post about how different writers can come up with completely different results with the same topic.This is a perfect example of that happening. It is fun to read the other five minute posts and see how vastly different and creative we all are. The same with life. It seems two people can go through the same circumstances - one is bitter and the other grows stronger. It's all in how we see it. These five minute Fridays are fun, and a good reminder to take what we are given and run with it!


The first thought, of course, is pain. A toothache. A sore muscle.

Or, emotional pain. Loneliness. Disappointment. Discouragement.

But, I think, too, there is an ache as we see something beautiful. The sunset stops us in our tracks and we look, in awe, pausing in our busy steps to gaze at the sky. Spectacularity. Something hilarious becomes hilarity, right? So, something spectacular can have spectacularity. The water, cascading down the cliff in a thundering waterfall. The tree, the trunk so big you can't begin to reach around it, as you tilt back your head and look way, way up toward the tip, high above you. The stars, on a crystal clear, crisp cold night, alive and bright in the sky. The ocean waves crashing against the rocks, the spray arching into the sky. The bird, soaring, drifting. floating high above the earth.

All of these create in me a deep ache, a quiet of beauty.

Ooops, time's up.

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  1. The ache of beauty. That's one that didn't come to my mind. Great concept! (Stopping over from Lisa-Jo's)