Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Dream Garden

This painting is my dream garden. It hangs across from my desk, and when I stare off into space, my mind wandering, it is either gazing out the window at the trees and the hills, or into this garden, sitting on an adirondack chair in that grassy spot, sipping lemonade, reading a book and listening to the doves coo.

I've always wondered what the front of that house looks like.

A page from one of the home decorating picture books I picked up at the library, the type I love to browse through for ideas and inspiration in our home, caught my attention. On the wall, hung this photo:
It is a little blurry because it's a photo of the page in the book. Doesn't it look exactly like the front of the house would look? It even has the big tree. I can "see" the walkway down the side of the house, leading to the garden in back. Pretty cool.

My dream garden becomes even more real imagining the lawn in front, the split rail fence, the shrubs and the dark shutters around the white windows. Ahh, a peaceful place to be.

In case you're wondering the book was Coastal Living's Beach House Style.

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