Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Travel Bible

This small Bible goes with me on all my travels. It was a gift from an older woman, a friend from church, one of those beautiful women who are an example to follow. After her husband died, she had to move to a smaller home, clearing out much of the stuff they had accumulated over the years. She passed this Bible along to me.

It is thin, light, and perfect to tuck into my laptop bag. The New Testament and the Psalms, it provides the best reading, the encouragement I might need staying in unfamiliar places. This Bible has traveled thousands of miles with me over the years.

I love her penciled notes scattered through the pages. When I come across them, it is like she is traveling with me, there beside me to guide and befriend, a reminder of the conversations we had, the encouragement and guidance she gave me.

Normally, I'm not a big fan of writing in my Bible, but I am glad to have her touch, her handwriting on the pages of this Bible. She held this in her hands, she picked up the pencil and wrote notes of joy and comfort to herself, and now to me. Her legacy, her friendship, continues.

Thank you, Bess.


  1. How special to having something like that, Maureen. I have a devotional book that was my grandmothers. When I find something underlined or a couple words jotted in the column it reminds me I'm not alone in my struggles, that she must have faced similar. It's comforting somehow.

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