Friday, February 24, 2012


Five minute Fridays: write for five minutes, no over-thinking, no editing, just write with the timer ticking.
Today's topic, Grit


Grit makes me think of sandwiches at the beach. No matter how hard you try, at least one grit of sand gets in your teeth, making an un-crunchy sandwich crunchy.

Like life. No matter how hard you try, at least one little tiny bit of grit will get into your life. And annoy, and make it hard to chew the meat of life. That one little piece of sand, ground up rock or shell or glass or whatever it is from the ocean depths, turned and tossed in the waves, moved by the tides, part of the Lord's creation, will make it into your life.

How we respond to that grit makes all the difference. Is eating that gritty sandwich part of the enjoyment, the experience of a wonderful day spent playing at the beach? I actually look forward to "sand"wiches.

And life. How we respond to the grittiness of our days - the interruptions, the inadequacies of others, the frustrations of things not going quite right, the messes that pile up everywhere, the on and on and on of all that must be done.

What makes a pearl? Grit. The beauty of a pearl, the value of a pearl comes from grit. Enjoy the grit.

Stop, five minutes up.


  1. enjoy the grit. love that line. bless you sister

  2. Lord, may I always see the grit as a means to the pearls at the end.

    And I remember 'sand'wiches from my childhood. Good thoughts. :)

  3. I wrote about pearls in my post too. "How we respond to the grit makes all the difference." So true!