Monday, August 8, 2011


A conversation between husband and wife (no specific names mentioned):

"I'm worried."

"What are you worried about?"

"Nothing, really, just worried, kind of overwhelmed."

"Must be something that's bothering you."

"No, when you worry, sometimes you just worry about having nothing to worry about."

"That doesn't make sense."

"Why does worry have to be logical? Worry is just worry."

"Then, I can't help you."

"That's OK. When I worry, I guess I feel like I'm doing something."

"That's crazy. You just get yourself more upset."

"There are always lots of 'what if' possibilities to think about."

"Possibilities which could be good things, too."

"But that wouldn't be worry."

"Hopeless," shaking his head.

Do you ever feel like you need to "do something" by worrying about [whatever]?
My blog friend Brooke used the term, "awful-izing." I can relate to that. And, as the wise husband said, why can't we focus on the good things that could happen, the fantastic possibilities?
Keep looking up! (I'm preaching to myself here...)

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  1. Keep preaching!! I'm listening too. Thanks, Maureen :)