Friday, August 19, 2011

The Week that Was(n't)

On our trip to Colorado, the family there was sick with colds/flu. Of course, those of us visiting caught it. This week back at home has been about Kleenex, coughing, cold medicine, Vitamin C, cough drops; trying to rest and recover. Very little energy for creativity this week.

I have been using some of the quiet time this week to plan for the soon-coming school year; re-reading my favorite dogeared copy of A Charlotte Mason Companion, Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning, by Karen Andreola. Love this book! If  I could have one homeschool book, this would be it. I bought it from a small bookstore years ago as we were shifting from an intense planned homeschool curriculum to an informal, relaxed, read a lot and enjoy life together type of agenda. The key word, the key reminder for me, is "gentle." Learning is not about pressure and performance, but about pleasant memories and relaxed time together, creating an atmosphere of learning: reading aloud, sharing nature discoveries, discussing historical and literary characters, developing skills in all of life. Even after twenty-nine years of home teaching (!), I have much to learn along with the kids, much to ponder along with them as we explore together.

Also this week, I am finishing another short story for "Running Into Fear" is about Shawna, a teen who loves to run, but has some fears to face head-on. I debated whether it should be "Running Into Fear," or "Running In To Fear" - is it she ran into the wall, or she ran in to the house? Mind games, word games, my head dizzy with fever and stuffiness. Is Shawna confronting her fears as if they were an object, some thing to fight, or are they something she has to assimilate and dissolve? Any grammarians out there with logical language advice?

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