Friday, August 26, 2011


Some days I feel like one of those whirlygig sprinklers that spins and shoots out sprays of water that circle around-- all over the place but never really goes anywhere. Focus. Like I wrote about yesterday with the Pomodoro Technique, or like a straight stream of water from the end of the hose watering the potted plant, I need focus. Clarity.

A wise friend shared this with me:
Keep Your Attention
On Your Intention

  • When bowls of ice cream are passed out, is my intention to enjoy a yummy bowl of ice cream or to eat  wisely for nutrition and weight loss?

  • When the alarm goes off at 4:35, is my intention to relax and enjoy my pillow or get up, put on workout clothes, and exercise?

  • When the kids are noisy and demanding and irritating, is my intention to spend a quiet afternoon doing what I want to do, or is it to spend oodles of quality and quantity time in the short time we have left together?

  • When I want to lean toward grumpiness, discouragement and gloom, do  I remember my intention is to pay attention to the abundant blessings the Lord pours into my life and home - to be alert and grateful and in awe of the beauty surrounding me? Smile. Be cheerful.

  • When I lose focus and feel drained of any creative energy, my intention is to write. Everyday. Regardless of how I feel. Pick up the pen (or turn on the computer) and write.

My intention is to love the Lord, love my family and the home we are making together (no matter where it is), and to have a creative, encouraging influence on those around me. This is where I want my attention to be focused.

What are your intentions, how can you pay more attention to them?

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