Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One of Those Moments

Last week, I typed in that day's 1,000 Gift List, clicked "Publish" just like I have done every day since February, and clicked "View Blog" just like every other day. Instead of the last entry at #932, the latest entry was #63. Uh-oh.
869 markings of steps on my journey toward gratefulness and seeing the Lord's blessings, gone. Erased like the ocean waves washing out footsteps on the sand. Gone.

My little laptop has moments of efficiency and effective work (like me).  But also, (like me) it has moments of complete random shut-down and slow incompetence. Losing my gift list was one of those moments. Our computer literate daughter checked the files for me. Her verdict? Gone.

My trustworthy hard-copy hand-written duplicate notebook came in very handy. Fortunately, I wanted a written copy to keep open on my desk to easily add to the list and to be easily portable to carry with me.

Each day now, I set the timer for twenty-five minutes and type, re-posting the list on to the computer. Instead of being a point of frustration, the time spent is an enjoyable review of the hundreds of blessings documented over the last six months, full with rich memories and hope.

A measure of my days is how alert and aware I am to the blessings that surround me. Is my focus on all that is wrong in this moment, or am I able to focus on the gifts of the moment.  I want to see, really see the abundance that overflows into my life. This task of re-typing the gifts has helped me to slow down, enjoy re-reading and remembering, and appreciate the gift moments of life.


  1. Oh! Did you cry? I would have. But, so glad you had written it down. The Lord knew this would happen - and planned to bless you on the other side of the trial. A lesson I learned early in my walk. Glad you're getting back your 1000!
    Miss Kathy

  2. I didn't cry, only because I had the copy and knew hadn't lost it completely. Phew! Made it typing backwards to 500 today - really having fun with the review, remembering what sparked the items on the list. Rich blessings of family and time together.