Saturday, July 9, 2011

Colorful Possibilities

Our thirty-three year Lego collection: ready for planes and ships and helicopters and race cars and trucks and building hours of fun. It may look like a mess, but think of it as a pile of possibilities...

One of the reasons I love to walk through a home improvement store or a craft store or even a grocery store is to enjoy the sheer potential of the raw materials, the creative possibilities.  You and I could walk together through the same aisles, yet we would come up with different ideas, varied inspirations. Isn't that exciting?  Keeps things interesting.

What do you see here?  A messy pile, or...?
(Dump it all out on a sheet - makes picking up much easier)


  1. Oh, Maureen! My son was a legomaniac! My family room used to be carpeted in these things. He never followed the directions of his kits, but after studying them, he'd create his own variation. I have them all in the Memory Box Closet in the basement awaiting the day when he's in a house big enough for all his memories! And, I know what you mean about those strolls through home improvement stores. I am the same way. If only I had the disposable income to make all my home remodeling dreams come true!
    Miss Kathy

  2. I loved legos! I remember the legos, but my mom remembers the messes. Wonderful analogy; I'm glad God looks at us messes with the possibilities in mind.

  3. Fun memories. My youngest son took our lego collection when he married (have no idea what my daughter-in-law thought of that!). With grandkids we've acquired more. It amazes me what they come up with when they start building.