Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Drink Enough Water?

You have probably heard how much water you are supposed to drink each day. When I began this weight loss journey, I was encouraged to drink a gallon a day of filtered water.  I would fill up a gallon pitcher in the morning, and drink and drink and drink through the day until it was gone. At that point, water was the only liquid I was drinking - no coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, juice,, I am a little more lax and have two cups of coffee and infrequently, a little bit of milk, juice or lemonade when we eat out. Generally, though, water is my drink of choice.

What is the daily recommendation?  64 ounces of water, or 8 8oz cups.  It is a lot, and takes an effort to be sure you drink enough. There are many variables, many factors to consider, differing opinions and facts floating around.  The best thing I can recommend, is, that if you don't drink that much now, try it, for at least a week. Fill up the gallon pitcher, or fill up 8 glasses in the morning and drink them throughout the day.

 Pay attention to the changes in your body.  I was very surprised at the changes, big and small.  I had rough scaly patches on one ankle and my elbows which I would douse with lotion every day even though it never made any difference.  Once I was regularly drinking enough water, the rough patches disappeared. And have not returned, except for one time when I stopped drinking enough - stopped working at drinking enough - and the patches came back.  I was convinced. Weight loss comes much more easily when we drink enough, partly because the water gives us a sense of fullness, and partly because our body isn't in the dehydrated, starvation mode and can do what it is supposed to do.

Another tip I have heard, is that if you are feeling thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated.  Drink before you get thirsty. Lack of water in our bodies creates dehydration and accumulative problems. Our bodies are 75% to 80% water; obviously water is critical to our bodies' functions and maintaining a state of health.

One issue I still have is to get the kids to drink enough water.  That is a challenge I haven't quite figured out yet. Especially now in the summer, when it is hot and they are playing outside more, I need to figure out a way to convince them to drink more water.  Any suggestions?


  1. Mo - i was never a good water drinker, but when my health started to falter during menopause, I sought natural and through a friend re-discovered water. Not just any filtered water - Kangen Water made by Enagic. It is a machine that filters and then changes the molecular structure of the water so I am drinking a high 9.5 alkaline water that has completely changed my life! I never tasted such water - it is so easy to drink the 64-plus ounces a day - the water is sooo smooth and chock full of minerals that I haven't had a vitamin in a year and a half and feel better than when I was taking all my expensive vitamins! The water machine feed our whole family, too. This month is my last of the monthly payments - it is hospital grade and has a 20 year warranty. I love it! Check it out online. Worth the investment and then some!
    Miss Kathy

  2. I have to remember that...If I feel thirsty...I am already dehydrated. Good to know. I have been drinking flavored water. Yes, it costs more, but it sure helps my water intake...makes me feel like water is a treat...not a duty. Glad to join you and be your newest follower.
    ~ Jen

  3. Welcome Jen, glad to have you! I'll visit your blog, too. Next week I'll post about how to make flavored waters, and yes, it is important to enjoy drinking the water, not turning it into one-more- thing-I-must-do. I like to think of the image from the verse, being like a well-watered garden,(Isa.58) productive and abundant.

  4. Great information on how water affected your skin. I'm working my way thru Isaiah right now...must skip ahead to that verse:)