Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two More Short Stories

Two more short stories have been posted on WordsbyMo.  The first, CAUGHT! was written for a writing class I did, the second, BULLIES, was written mostly on our recent trip: at the airport, thoughts jotted down in the car, or sitting on a low rock wall while our granddaughter showed off her new no-training-wheels bike riding skills.

So, I have this problem.  I love to hold a book in my hands, to feel the pages, crisp or soft, to thumb through, either backwards to re-read a section, or forwards to jump ahead, to close the book with a bookmark in place, ready for the next time I pick it up, to run my finger along the edge of the page as I read.  The problem?  This digital age we live in.  Kindle. Nook. E-books on the i-phone. Downloads. On-line classes with all the textbooks on the computer screen. I am out of my realm, and don't even know what I'm talking about, though I have kids who study on-line every day (yes, I hear some of you laughing at me). 
But, as an author with a manuscript nearly ready to seek publishing, the traditional methods of getting a book published have fuzzy lines. Actually, this blog came out of an interest in understanding the e-world of books. I have downloaded short books and read them on my computer (motivational, informational type books).  The short stories I write are informally published and read on the blog - by the way, how do you like reading them on the computer, does it work for you?
This is more about questions than answers.  Research, figuring out how to fit what I do, what I write, into the resources available. Being willing to learn and grow and change and gain new skills.
It would make sense to move toward having digital books. They wouldn't need dusting or shelf space, and it would definitely be a step toward traveling lighter.  In this case, though, it is not a step I am eager to make.
I am not opposed to publishing an e-book, if that's the way people will read what I write. But, if you're going to give me a book, I still prefer the actual hard copy, with real pages I can touch and thumb through.

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  1. I love real books too. Nothing compares to turning pages. But after my last trip I've decided to get a Kindle. Tired of packing heavy bags around! I download to my computer and like that I can make the print bigger when I need to. There's no getting away from this modern age!