Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comfort Tech

One of the items I decided not to bring on this trip was my laptop.  My husband had his, so didn't think I'd need mine, and it left me room for my notebooks and books.  Using his computer, though, put me out of my comfort zone.  His laptop is bigger and fancier (read, more complex) than mine.  It was intimidating to attempt my familiar processes and meet with complications.  Had to ask, "How do I do this?"  What does this mean?"

One of their computer stations
Here in Indiana, we're with our daughter who is studying for her degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Engineering.  Way over my head.  She is tech savvy, I am a fledgling.  I was telling her, ok, complaining, about not having my simple little laptop.  She laughed and used the phrase that I needed my "comfort technology."  The familiar, the comforting, the known.

It's good to get out of our comfort zones, to learn to eat new foods, to attempt new adventures and learn new technological skills.  This trip has not been just about seeing new sights, exploring new areas and enjoying family times, but also about advancing new computer skills.  Isn't that what traveling is about?  Opening our minds, expanding our vistas, experiencing new skills and adventures.  Mine may not be riding a camel in Egypt or climbing the Matterhorn in Switzerland.  But, I am content with my adventures and our family times, and it helps me appreciate and look forward to being home with my comfort tech.

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