Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Traditional Easter Dessert

After our Easter dinner outside on my parent's patio, our traditional Easter dessert is a quick, easy, colorful recipe. My sister-in-law fixed it for us the first year we were married, almost thirty-six years ago.  Since then, we have had it every year, with a chocolate pie added in to include the necessary chocolate.
Yogurt Pie
3 oz package of jello (match the yogurt flavor)
yogurt container (to match the jello flavor)
8 oz cool-whip
pie crust (graham cracker or traditional -which we prefer)
In a medium size bowl, dissolve jello powder in 3 tbsp boiling water.  Fold in yogurt, then add the cool whip and fold gently until mixed.  Pour in a prepared pie crust, refrigerate a few hours or overnight.
We like strawberry, lemon, lime, blueberry, or peach.
A sugar-free option is to use sugar-free jello, plain yogurt, and sugar-free cool-whip.  We do this with the lemon flavor.

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