Friday, March 1, 2013

Just Me

The prompt this week for the Friday Five Minutes is "ordinary." Five minutes, words flowing, unrestrained, unplanned, unedited.

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Plain and ordinary. That I can do. Just me. Some may be motivated by fame or fortune. Fame does not interest me one little tiny bit. No siree. Fortune -well, that would be fun to try, at least, for awhile...

Just ordinary me.
 The face the son wants to see when he wakes up in the morning.
The master meal cooker.
The kitty litter cleaner.
The make sure the trash is out on the right night person.
The one who notices the weeds.
The one who notices the dust and clutter scattered on the table.
The one who knows where the feather duster is (didn't say I got it out and used it, did I...)
The inspired pile sorter, and the inspired pile maker, and the piles-on-my-desk dreamer.
The book reader.
The word writer.
The dog walker and cat lap.
The heart that wants to love and understand and grow and thrive.
The mind that wants to learn and understand and grow and thrive.
Yup. Just ordinary me, making it through the ordinary days.

source - Mary Engelbreit calendar


  1. "Just ordinary me, making it through the ordinary days."--> You got it!

  2. Beautiful, Maureen. Your ordinary sounds a lot like mine. :) Loved reading your words.

  3. I know where my feather duster is too, oh ya, I'll find time to use it one of these days. Don't ya just love being ordinary and accepted, lol.

  4. Your ordinary is extraordinary :) Great post. (I have to make sure the garbage gets out too!)