Thursday, February 28, 2013


Do you ever feel like you need a fresh start as the sun comes up, casting its yellow glow from the east?
Yeah, me too.
When the hours turn into days turn into weeks turn into months.
 Time. Life.
And you wonder what it all means, what you have to show for it, what you have done with the minutes.
Time can look like an enemy. Demanding, blaming, finger-pointing, accusing.
Time can also be a friend. Awake, alive, asleep, resting, quiet, the moments brush over us like the breath of life.
This moment, now. A fresh start. Wherever we are. This moment. New and fresh. Alive. Here. Not just early in the morning. Any moment of the day. Now.

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  1. Glad this popped up in my email this morning, just as the sun is trying to pop thru the clouds here :) A fresh new day. Thanks for the encouraging reminder.