Friday, March 8, 2013

He is Home

Five Minute Friday
Five Minute Friday, once again. The prompt this week, the word, Home. Write, five minutes, free and easy, listening to the words, tapping them out on the keyboard.


Our lab has insecurity issues. The times we are gone, which for her sake are infrequent, she can be a real basket case, a bundle of nerves. Yet, when her boy is home, she relaxes and life is good. Fortunately, he is home most of the time.

We were discussing the other day, how she pouts when he is gone. Her whole demeanor changes. It is not a visible face pout like you or I would make, but her whole body pouts. She tolerates the rest of us, she knows she is not alone. But when he walks back through that door, her whole body smiles. Life is good. Same thing when Dad walks through the door after work. She wiggles and wags, content to have her family all home, together, again. Now she can relax and enjoy life - which means go to sleep on her comfy blanket.

Her security is people, not place. She loves to go out, for a walk, for a ride, as long as her people are there. For her, anywhere is home, with her people. Aside from the insecurity issues, this is a good philosophy. A home is not a place as much as it is the location of connected hearts.

Time is up.

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  1. Love your post. I don't have pets, so it's not a perspective I ever really think about. But your post opened up a new way of thinking. I feel much the same way about how home "is the location of connected hearts" (I really like how you put this, by the way), but I've always looked at it from the point of view of my husband and children. Animals feel the same way, of course. So nice to read about it. Won't you stop by and read what I wrote about home?