Friday, April 20, 2012

Together at our Table

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Together, for me is about our table. The times we gather together around our table, day after day after day, there, together.

Sitting in a hospital waiting room, for our son's MRI late one night, my husband leaned over and said, "Recognize those doors?" They were the same as our table. He is in commercial construction, doors and hardware. For a Kaiser Hospital project, some of the doors were ordered wrong or something - don't remember for sure. He had three formica laminate hard core doors left over. Two of them, he attached to an old, beat up (as all our tables were in short time) oak frame table top. The other one, he cut in half and had the guys in the shop make iron u-shaped legs, to attach for benches. Don't even know how many years ago that was. That table is in family photos from way back. I could spend five minutes just listing all that has happened around that table.

Preparing the food, setting the table, gathering around it for our dinner meal every day. That is vitally important to me. We laugh and talk. Gathered around our table.

 We take the time, together, building a shared experience that will be a memory forever, and, like our table that has withstood the test of time when many other tables fell apart (literally), we build strong memories, and stronger hopes of future times, together.

Time is up.

"A table lovingly prepared...You have created a gracious setting for this special time,
An interlude in your day.
Now around your table loved ones can safely talk and tell,
listen and laugh, engage and enjoy, rehearse and reflect on the day...
Because you have fashioned a setting,
an atmosphere for strengthening relationships, for forming character.
An occasion to restore the graciousness of living."
-Kay Arthur
A Sanctuary For Your Soul

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  1. Visiting from Gypsy Mama's blog.

    What a great post. I always enjoyed our table growing up and the meals and discussions that took place there. =)

  2. Oh ok--I found you! Looks like a great place you have here! We always enjoyed our family dinners too, with 8 kids around ours...great memories. Thanks for bringing them back.

  3. Beautiful reflection of the family table, sharing a meal and conversation.

  4. Really cool post!! We make lots of memories around table, too. :)

  5. I love this. The dining table can be such a wonderful gathering place for a family. I love being at the dinner table when no one is anxious to leave--even when the food isn't the focal point. Your table soundss like one of those places.

  6. Many memories are made around a this post!

  7. Hi there,
    I am coming to you from two places today - from The Gypsy Mama link

    And also from One Thousand Gifts. However, there was no comment line on that page.

    Such a great list of gifts!!! And I like your take on being together - and the table. My whole family is arriving this weekend and the table will be overflowing.

    I can't link directly because wordpress and blogspot are in conflict.
    Here is my other blog: