Friday, April 6, 2012

Light in Darkness

Five Minute Fridays, with She gives a word, we write for five minutes, for fun, without over-thinking, with heart and mind. The word this week:


Go. Light. Right - write for five minutes about light? What a topic. Endless.

Our blind dog, now, learning to live without light. Yet she sees. Through other senses. Obviously, her smell, by sound, but in other ways, too. She feels her way around the house. She prances proudly beside her boy as we go out for walks on her familiar route. Sometimes a strange sound will frighten her, but normally, she knows the route by sight, by understanding, even without light in her eyes.

I remember studying light with the kids. Seeing the spectrum of light waves and the narrow, tiny part of that that is our vision, our perspective of color and light. There is so much more. Energy. Heat. Sound waves. Power. All a part of light that our human perceptions miss completely. We are short-sighted, narrow minded. Ignorant of so much that is going on around us. Blind in many, many ways.

Navigating through life, attempting to see and understand, learning, feeling our way along as we go. As our dog does, sometimes bumping into the walls, sometimes confused about about where we are, sometimes frightened by the unknown. Yet she knows we are there, there is still trust and joy and love. Even in the darkness.

Time is up.


  1. Maureen, you have such great perspective. Thanks for sharing. A beautiful parallel.

  2. "trust and joy and love. Even in the darkness." - Love that. Thank you:) And now your picture makes me want to go to the beach...