Friday, April 13, 2012

Say Good-Bye

Five Minute Fridays, with One word, five minutes, see what happens.

Today, Good-Bye

Let it go. Say good-bye to the stuff. Show it the door, send it away. Pass it on to others, fill the recycling bin.  Stuff we've been carting around for years. Papers, notebooks, files, just stuff. Let it go. Find the freedom and joy in less stuff. Armloads that weigh me down, thinking I might maybe need use it someday. Let it go. Say good-bye.

Let it go. The pounds, the excess weight I've been carrying. The indulgences I think are for me are really against me. Counter-productive. Sets me back. Welcome the gift of exercise and healthy eating. Say hello to fitness and strength. The excess food that weighs me down? Say good-bye. Let it go.

The things I love. Hold them in a light hand, an open hand, not a tight fist. Be willing to let them go. Say good-bye. Say hello to joy and freedom.

Time is up.

1 comment:

  1. I love this version of good-bye! Wonderful and thank you.