Thursday, May 19, 2011

Portable Office

Last week I mentioned that my writing goal is to be able to write in and around and through all the life happening around me.  Having an isolated, concentrated writing-alone time is not realistic for me, anyway.  I love the open-ceiling loft office with my desk and the window into the trees, like Pooh's "thoughtful spot."  I also love being able to write in a portable office: at the airport, waiting in the car, out on the patio; one I can pick-up-and-go anywhere, on short notice.

Which, I get to do again this weekend.  Our son, in Arizona, is moving to new apartment.  We will drive there for the weekend, taking another son to help them with the move, spend time with two of our guys and their gals, and sneak in an anniversary get-away while we're at it. Once again, I'm packing up to travel with my current writing projects, notebooks, and books.  I've barely unpacked from the last trip.

This photo is from Pottery Barn Outdoor Spaces
This is a good time to put my portable office into practice.
Because I'm still a hard-copy person, I use pen and paper for most of my writing, transferring it to the computer as I edit.  Notebooks hold journals, ideas, notes, quotes, various projects. My file cabinet holds notes, articles written; the portable file the most current projects and notes.

To keep my writing projects streamlined and functional and easily portable is a goal that helps me to keep on track and prevent piling up masses of paper and clutter.  Theoretically anyway - my desk tells a different story.  It's an on-going process.

My version of a portable office

Or, this!


  1. Jumped over from Ann's and love the gratefulness for focusing on fitness and wellness ... what a great practice.

    Blessings, Beth

  2. Thanks for the comment, Beth. I think it is an important expression of gratitude to the Lord to take care of all He has given us - our bodies, of course, being essential to our work. It is a daily effort, not for vanity, but to be well equipped and strong to carry on.