Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Control Tower

I like a quiet life, and for the most part, we are successful at maintaining that. We are generally home, doing school work together in the mornings, limiting errands to once a week.

Yesterday, though, we were taking off and landing all day.  The car was in and out of the driveway ten times during the day, transporting kids from equestrian center to state achievement testing to dry cleaners to an evening Civil Air Patrol meeting, to grocery shopping (and a late Starbucks Frappuccino and quiet talk with my husband).  This may be normal for some, but for us, it was an unusual, busy day.  I felt like I needed a control tower to monitor who was at home, who was coming and going next, who should be calling soon, and what was needed for the next trip out. Like an air traffic controller clearing the runways and ensuring safety for the pilots and their planes, my job was to keep everything running smoothly and safely, continuously monitoring the movement on the airfield and in the skies.
I make no pretense of being in complete control - that is not my job. I'm just traffic control, monitoring the bustle of motion around me.
Flying is on my mind today - I'll be in the air again on Friday, headed to Colorado Springs to meet our daughter and her family who moved there today, to help them get settled in to their new house.  Busy days.

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