Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Always Learning

I mentioned on a recent trip about our five year old granddaughter learning to ride her bike without training wheels.  On this trip, our four year old grandson learned to ride his very first bike with training wheels.  Very exciting for him, made him feel like quite a big boy.
Watching him, remembering our granddaughter's excitement at her new skills, is a reminder to me to always be learning, always attempting new skills and abilities.

Sometimes I still need training wheels, like asking the kids, "What does this mean, how do I do this on the computer, what do I do now?"

Sometimes the pedal gets stuck in the brake position and it is hard to figure how to put enough pressure on to turn it up and over to get the bike in motion again.  I feel stuck and can't move forward.

Sometimes I get frustrated and want to quit - to go back to what is familiar and comfortable.

Sometimes my legs get tired and don't want to keep moving.  A new skill requires building new muscles, which usually involves achy, stretched muscles along the way.

But, once the skill itself becomes familiar and comfortable, when the muscles have grown and adjusted to the new ability, the feeling of  speed and the wind in my face, then the struggle and the attempts become worth the effort.

Lately, my biggest skill-stretch is learning to fit my writing in and around all of life's busy-ness.  I want to be able to write because of all the life happening around me. Do you have skills you want to learn?

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