Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day Three

Day Three of Thirty-One, A Novel
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Glad to have you join me along this journey as Morgan searches for change.


Do you close the bathroom door when you live alone? I’ve never lived alone, I wouldn’t know. How do I cook for one? Morgan wondered.

Why was I always so driven, so paranoid of being unproductive? Why didn’t I just live?

Now, that is all I have to do. Live. I want to be good at living. But I don’t know how.

And, here I am talking to myself again. I have to get out of this house.  Morgan set her lunch plate in the sink with a clatter. She put away the container of leftovers. It seemed one dinner lasted her a whole week. She would have to work at making smaller portions. It didn’t make sense to cook so much. That was an idea. She would go to the book store and look at the cook books. Find one or two, maybe one about cooking smaller, maybe one about a new style of cooking, Mediterranean, or Vegetarian, or one she had never heard of before. Pick a recipe or two, go to the grocery store. That ought to fill most of the afternoon.

She would buy a bouquet of sunflowers, too.  Sunflowers were her favorite. Their large, yellow heads dared her to be grumpy or lonely while they shouted their cheerful golden glow around her kitchen.  Set in the middle of her table, their large brown eyes would watch her every move in the kitchen, encourage her, reassure her with their sunny, bold color.

Things will be okay. She will figure this out. She will live. And yes, she thought, I will close the bathroom door.

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  1. With a houseful of boys, a closed bathroom door was my only "get-a-way". I still close it, even when no one else is home :)

    1. Sometimes it is the littlest things we do for ourselves that make the biggest impact. Flowers, or even just a closed door.

  2. I have to catch up here, or maybe I'll just wait until the end and read it all at once.
    My cup of admiration runs over for you.

  3. The chapters are short - you could catch up every few days if need be. Thanks for reading along!