Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day Thirty-One

Thirty-One, A Novel

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Day Thirty-One, Wednesday

Morgan stood at the front window, her afternoon coffee cup wrapped snugly in her hands. October thirty-first.  The house across the street was quiet, empty, closed. It would have been a bustle of activity tonight. But they were gone, the house, deserted. Joey nuzzled at her feet.

Thirty-one days ago she stood here, wondered what it would take to make life different, full, rather than quiet and empty. Nothing earth-shattering had happened. No cataclysmic events. But she was different. 
Her pretty journal sat on the coffee table. She sat down on the couch, picked it up with the pen next to it. Joey leaned against her knee, looked up at her. “Hey girl,” she said as she scratched her forehead. She wrote.

I am different.

Thirty-one days ago I wondered how I would survive this month. The discouragement, the alone, the quiet was overwhelming.

I have survived. I have changed. I have stepped out, and I am alive.

Never, would I have suspected that my new friends would be in their nineties, in an old folk’s home, and that I don’t even think of it as an old folk’s home. I think of it as their home, because they are there.

Never would I have suspected that a neighbor family would draw me in so closely. And leave me such a gift, this puppy at my feet.

Surprising, how my home, my life, has filled with life. Fresh foods, flowers, and now a puppy.

Amazing to me, my days are full and happy (Well, not today. Missing Nancy and her busy household terribly).

I have a future.

I am not alone.

What I thought was the end, a period, an exclamation point of finality, was a pause, a deep breath, a page turned, a big step into a new chapter of my on-going story. 

You know how you strike a match, and there is a pause, a waiting, a moment before it flickers and sparks? You wonder if it took, or if you need to strike it again. Then, it flames up and catches you by surprise. I feel the flicker, the spark. Surprised by the warmth of the flame.

Morgan set down the pen. She was busy, she thought, but not for the sake of being busy. Busy because life was full and exciting. Her life had more than a spark. It had light.

“Joey,” she said, “Let’s go for a walk.”


  1. Perfect ending. You know, I wondered if on the last day a son would appear on her doorstep or the phone would ring... but I'm glad it didn't because what you wrote is real life. I think of my living situation and the caregiving role... and that is still the same, still full of challenges. Nothing has "rescued" me from it, but I am different, have learned to trust Him more. Unfortunately, it took me alot longer than 31 days :) Anyway, this is a great story. I hope you either expand it... or may do a collection of short stories? This would be so encouraging to so many. Great writing. Thank you!

  2. Yes, I think that is part of what I wanted to convey. We want the big dramatic fixes. Instead, life goes on...the daily messes still pile up. But paying attention to the small beauties around us, making connections with others, opening our hearts - those can make dramatic changes. Change that happens within. Thank you - glad you enjoyed Morgan's story - loved having you along for the ride!