Monday, August 27, 2012


Living in a rental creates two problems for me. Hanging pictures and putting plants in to the ground.

Here, I have yet to hang very many pictures. Most of them are still in boxes under the stairs.

new growth on the snowball bush
I did decide to take a big step and move my perennials out of their pots and in to the ground. They will do better through the winter in this climate, there are good places for them here, the owners specifically said I could plant whatever I wanted, and it gives me roots. Makes me feel planted, grounded, in a place to stay and grow and live and flourish. Here.

This weekend, the local nursery was having a sale. Russian Sage does really well here in Colorado. Many of the houses have one or two of these, and they bloom spring to fall. We bought two, and a buddlea, or butterfly bush. Normally, in a rental, I wouldn't want to buy and plant permanent plants like these, but here, I want the roots.
Russian Sage

Those of you who know me, will be surprised at my new friend. Zelda. She shows up often when I am working in the back yard. Friendly, she tilts her head and looks at me. Looks funny. Now you know I am crazy. Talking to a lizard and giving her a name.

Accepting her is part of living in this high desert climate. Putting down roots, here.

Autumn Sedum. This is its third house, here it will stay

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