Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's A Stretch

Friday Five (on Saturday). The topic this week, Stretch.
Five Minutes, unedited (well, almost).

It is a stretch to believe life could be different than it is, circumstances changed, goals accomplished, dreams achieved, projects completed, characters matured, learning achieved.

It is an even deeper stretch to believe that life could be different, here and now, without circumstances changing, with people as they are, by changing MY attitudes, MY heart. That's why I keep the gifts list.

It is a stretch to reach out for life, to grasp the love needed to pull through the tough challenges, to meet that wall and plow through it. Our son and daughter are running a half-marathon this weekend. The wall. The will to keep going, to keep moving, one step at a time. And at the end, a feel-good stretch. Because they did it.

At the end, for me, I want there to be that feel-good stretch. Because I did it. Because I took the steps, because I changed and learned and grew my heart, my attitudes. Because I stretched.

Five Minute Friday


  1. This really spoke to me. I've wondered sometimes when all the changing and growing will end... but I don't think it's supposed to:) Lots of walls to plow thru.

    1. Yup, lots of walls. I don't like the reminders that it's me who has to change. I want to fix someone else instead! It is a stretch to think change in me is possible.