Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Same Difference

Do you remember a time when you realized you were uniquely different than anyone else? A time when you knew that no matter what, no matter how close you were to someone, there would be a distance between you?

I remember a conversation with a friend. "I see red as red. What if you see red as yellow? We have no way to know if we are really seeing the same color. We each would have learned the name of the color we see as, 'red,' but how do we know they are the same?"

Another time, I watched my brother walk out of the room. I knew, clearly, at that point, that we would always see things differently, through our own eyes, our own perspectives. They could never be exactly the same, because we saw through different eyes.

Do you remember a time like that?

This story, one of my short shorts at 497 words, is about Mattie's experience with realizing her unique difference.

Click here to jump to the short story, "The Same Difference."

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