Friday, June 1, 2012

Really See

Friday Five Minutes, by Today's topic is SEE. Write, five minutes, loose and billowy and blowing in the wind. SEE where it goes.


I love to hear Ann Voskamp's voice in her video promoting the book, One Thousand Gifts. I go back and listen to it once in awhile just to hear her, to be reminded to see, really see. "To be able to be aware, awake to all that life has to offer." To see, really see, and not miss out...

It is one thing to look at something, the view across the valley, the petals on the flower, the hot pink of the wave petunias, the sunlight shining through the tomato, the hummingbird glistening in the sunshine. But to see, really see. Deeply see. That is an art.

An artist must see all the shadows, shades, color variations, blendings of shape and form and light. A writer must find the word that draws the picture with letters and sounds, giving life to a character, a scene. Both the artist and the writer take a 3-D scene or situation, turn it into a flat composition, which then recreates the 3-D scene in the viewers mind. Enables them to see, really see what they saw in their mind.

Fascinating. The art of conveying art from one mind to another, from one eye to another. It happens when one person sees - really sees. They take that vision, that eye for detail, and carry  it, transmit it to someone else. A deep form of communication. Beautiful when it happens.

This weekend, I hope you can see, really see.


  1. I really liked your notion of relaying art from one mind to another with words, or whatever medium an artist uses. How clearly you must see in order to do that effectively.

    1. And that is the trick, isn't it. The art of clearly seeing.

  2. I like how you talk about seeing to be a good writer and artist. It is an effort to "see" - a practice. When I see well it works wonderfully.
    Blessings from an artist and writer,

  3. Deeply seeing is really communicating...I love the way you took this week's prompt.

    Absolutely beautiful.


  4. Beautifully loose and billowy, Maureen.

    To see, really see, is an art. And what a gift to be able to help others see. You have that gift.

  5. I have heard of this book and even seen it on shelves but never bought it. This makes me want to get not just the book but the audio version as you described it. I really like this idea of seeing more deeply what is in front of us.