Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Important Moments

"No moment is without meaning."
This quote, shared by the minister leading up to the exchange of rings at the wedding ceremony, stuck with me. It has applications that filter through my day. Moments I take for granted, like washing the dishes or folding the laundry, have value. Their significance needs to be discovered, searched for. As I take a deeper look at the value of daily tasks, or the value of the relationships around me, the moments of my day, all day long, are not without meaning.

Take away the double negative.

"Every moment has meaning." 

At the wedding ceremony, overlooking the lake, the rocks around us, the sun soaking in to our skin, the peace and the quiet of the moment reflected the beauty of the event.

Each item on the table settings at the reception had significance. The books, the rocks, the flowers, grasses and pine cones collected locally, the game activities - all expressed a part of the couple's life together. More than just decoration, their value made a statement, "This is important."

My daily, mundane moments have significance, meaning. As I care for my family and build these relationships, I say, "You are important."

The significance of each moment is too easy to take for granted. When I am critical or complaining or ungrateful, I don't want to face the negative meaning I put on those moments. I need to look deeper and find positive meaning, value and significance by a switch of perspective. Take away the negative, turn it into a positive, and say, "You are important."

Understanding the meaning of ordinary moments, to give them value, is to say, "This is important." This moment, appreciate its significance, and dance with it.


  1. "Every moment has meaning" is a profound statement, when you take a moment to consider it. If we lived by this statement even the mundane could become special and the routine could gain meaning.
    Brilliant post.

  2. This is a very special post. I do so take the mundane moments of life for granted, when really, each one is such a gift. I want to see that each day in those moments. I love your photos, beautiful table settings - - and the dancing girl is adorable. Thank you :)