Friday, December 2, 2011

Simple, Easy Wreath

Seems there are a lot of these fabric wreaths around this Christmas and I wanted to make one.

Most of the directions involved using a glue gun, which I couldn't get excited about, or buying a special type of wreath form - not expensive, but I'm really trying to avoid any extra spending for non-essentials.

When I saw this design on a blog (don't remember which one, sorry) I knew I could easily do it and that I already had all the stuff for it. The eyelet pieces were random sized scraps stashed in a box. The wreath form I had was split and falling apart. I almost threw it away last week, but stuck it in a corner thinking I might find a use for it. Glad I did. Tying on the pieces will hold it together, extend its usefulness, and it was free.

This is all incredibly un-exact. I used a ruler as a guideline, cutting the eyelet pieces a little longer than twelve inches and a little wider than the ruler, about an inch and a half. I didn't worry about marking or cutting straight lines. No idea how many I cut, I just kept cutting until I used up all the eyelet fabric. Each piece was tied snugly, alternating whether the ties were on the front or on the sides, adding ties all the way around. It took me about an hour, start to finish. I like the stray threads, the unfinished look. I wouldn't have chosen white, but so many of the ones I saw in the photos were white and they were so pretty I decided to try it. Not bad for stuff that was sitting in a box or almost in the trash.


  1. Beautiful! My favorite part is that it's all been redeemed. And isn't that at the heart of Christmas?

  2. I love it! It is so pretty with the lights above it! Great recycling project.

  3. It's beautiful! I've got lots of fabric - going to see what I can find for a form. Thanks so much for sharing it.